OASys(R) – Offender Assessment System for new users.

This training is for all staff who will be involved in making risk assessments  with offenders using this tool. This training is not formally assessed but areas should ensure that initial OASys(R) completion is supervised and the content is quality assured following attendance at this event. Delegates should ideally have attended Motivational Interviewing training and the two day Risk Training.

The course focuses on the concepts of good risk assessment and management using the format of OASys rather than the technical inputting using  eOASys(R) – this should be done following this training locally.

Participants will develop the necessary skills for completing OASys, and develop awareness of the key risk management issues. The event also introduces eOASys(R) and the use of the software. However, this training does not involve the use of computers.

Duration: 2 days

Numbers: Max 16

Timings: 10.00 – 4.00