Training for Rehabilitation

Training for Transforming Rehabilitation

We provide skills for those involved in enabling rehabilitation of offenders. Here at Effective Practice Training we offer dedicated, experienced and professional trainers to supply a high quality service.

We are trainers in effective practice with more than 30 years of training and education service experience combined. We are leaders in providing bespoke training packages for those new to the area, offering access to the transforming rehabilitation arena.

Please take some time to browse our testimonials to hear what others think of the quality and delivery of our training courses.

We are already involved with several of the 21 contract package areas providing induction packages (for a range of staff): all of this is based on desistance research and effective practice principles. We usually work from agencies' own chosen venues.

We provide an extensive range of training courses and bespoke services in our areas of expertise. We also provide groupwork skills for those working with non-accredited programmes

We also currently develop e-learning packages to enable clients to train staff in a cost-effective fashion. These can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

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